Monday, 12 October 2009

Guinness Genius


Nigella struck again on the weekend, and my tastebuds gladly gave in to temptation. This time, the weapon of choice this time was a hefty dose of her Chocolate Guinness Cake recipe, broken down into dainty little cupcake portions.

The recipe calls for lots of butter, Guinness and cream, and makes for an intensely dense,  dark cake.


The cream cheese icing on top imitates the froth on the top of a well-poured pint of the dark stuff, and saves the whole thing from being too sweet and brick-like.

Now, before you accuse me of being a Nigella fangirl, let me at least try to defend myself. The reason I've been turning to her recipes so often lately is because they're great for lazy people like me. She usually only requires you to stir everything together before sticking it into an oven, and that's great for someone like me, who's only really an amateur in the kitchen.

And, she never shys away from using cream and butter, which always makes everything taste so much better.