Friday, 8 June 2012

Square Dancing at the Atomium

Despite spending only a day and a half in Brussels, Manbacon and I managed to cram in a whole host of activities, including a trip to the Atomium, as well as - wait for it - a square dancing session! A trip to the shiny Atomium was part of our plans, but stumbling into an international square dancing meet-up most definitely wasn't.
And stumble, we did. Coming up to the Atomium, all we saw was this rather unassuming 'Welcome' sign, and a few tourists scattered around, waiting for their tickets or taking photos of the giant silver balls. We walked around the the back, and were greeted with this sight...
About 50 middle-aged couples dressed in big skirts and loud shirts, waving to each other and twirling around. WHAT! YES! AWESOME! We had no idea what was going on, so sat down and watched as they danced to commands like 'Scoop the ocean...' and 'Reeee-cyCle!' Yeah...I have no idea either. Maybe they're keen on dancing as well as keeping Mother Nature happy?
This Dutch couple - the Stans - were happy to pose for a photo for me during one of their breaks. They also very kindly explained what was going on, and told me a little about square dancing. 
This, readers, is the reason I prefer spontaneity to a carefully planned itinerary while on holiday - if we had planned ahead, I would never have encountered this glorious sight, since the Atomium wasn't even on our 'to-see' list in the first place. RECYCLE!

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