Tuesday, 12 March 2013


What did I find while fossicking in the various boxes and cupboards at my parents' place? Oh, just an Olympus OM-1, that's all! It was extremely exciting, as you can imagine, and since neither my parents nor sister do anything with film anymore, I claimed it as mine. 
It came along on our daytrip to the Mornington Peninsula. The battery was dead which meant I couldn't use the light meter, so had to guess the exposures. Despite that little hiccup, it's a wonderful camera, and best of all, the shutter makes a deliciously sturdy 'ssschkt' sound when you press the button.


  1. I love the grainy quality and the light of these photos. I think the strawberries one is my favourite photos of the set. I know that there are a few excellent film cameras lying around my grandparents house as well (including an Olympus, I'm sure...) but I'm just too nervous to use them!

    1. Thank you Anushka. I guess the best way to start using film cameras would be to jump straight in, haha! You can get cheap film from Boots or eBay, and then just bring it around with you and start snappin away :)