Saturday, 6 April 2013

Short Shorts

Is it still too cold for shorts? It seems like Spring may never arrive at this rate, but I'm still optimistic and have churned out a number of shorts in brighter shades (that orange isn't really so fluoro in real life, the camera makes it look exceptionally vibrant for some reason). I'm sure I've seen several hipsters hobbling down Brick Lane in recent weeks sporting tiny cut-offs over thick tights in recent weeks anyway.

Those two in the pictures above will make an appearance in the Etsy and Folksy shops - just as soon as I get to cutting out and sewing another pair. The ones up there are available in the Tea Rooms in a size M, and I've got enough to make a few more pairs of each. The blue border print pair below is a one-off in size S, made with the last bits of fabric from the HUGE vintage kaftan that was used to make the cushions in this post. Always match your clothing to your soft furnishings, that's what I say!
In one more bit of shop news...I've finally caved in and joined Twitter! You can find me over there under @BobbieandLola, and I believe I've added a button on the right for you to click on to. Join me, I'm lonely!

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