Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Everybody Get Down And Panic!

Fag Panic play their first gig of the year tomorrow night at the Sly Fox in Enmore, and guess who's back in the line-up?

Yes, it's yours truly.

Considering I haven't performed with them in about a gagillion years (which comes up to about a year and a half), some rehearsal time was in order. Of course, it ain't FP time without some dressing up time. And what's a good thing to dress up as when playing at a seedy pub? Why, I guess that'll have to be our 'crazy passe geriatric band' disguise. Obviously. As if you ever doubted it. I look like a child molester from the 70's. In case you need more evidence, here it is...
(I touch children in their magic spots)

I'm not quite sure if it's the Elvis glasses, the grey steel wool wig, or both together, that makes it all look quite so seedy. But it works. Or maybe it doesn't. In any case, that's what my head will be wearing on stage tomorrow night. I hear the 'middle-aged lesbian folk singer' look is gonna be really hot this summer, kids, so better start stocking up on your grey wigs now! Available at all good $2 shops!

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