Thursday, 27 August 2009

Deptford Project Market

Last Saturday was my first time at the Deptford Project Markets, and it was great! Mainly because I got a free waffle, with heaps of chocolate and ice cream. But I had loads of fun there too, and even managed to make a bit of money, despite it being a fairly quiet day there.

As well as having a cafe and various stalls in the venue, the Deptford Project also featured a sandpit with summery, stripey deckchairs, buckets and spades. For all your sandcastle construction needs!

Waffle Stop - who very generously fed me with their delicious waffles.

My bored, unpaid intern.

Mama G!

The stall next to mine belonged to the awesome Mama G, who kept me entertained during the quiet parts of the day with her jokes and singing. She also makes the tastiest jams, chillies and breads, which I got to sample. The wasps were fans of her stuff too, as they kept hovering over the plates of jams and chillies she had put out for tasting. Do check her out if you can, she makes everything herself!

My display

I finally got to use the awesome old leather suitcase I found downstairs as part of my display. It's almost like Mary Poppins' magical bag because it holds so much and I keep filling it with stuff and the Mancreature's arms end up almost falling off because it's so heavy.

For those of you who are in London, I will be at the RoundLondon Gives You Spots event in the Queen of Hoxton this Saturday, with a load of pretty new aprons and headpieces. There will also be a raffle on so you'll be able to win some fantastic items. Hope to see some of you there!

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