Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Featuring - homemade cottage pie, Justice Yeldham, patches of sunlight, and the Horniman Museum (I dare you to say 'Horniman' without sniggering. Ok, maybe I'm the only one here with the mind of a 13 year old.)

Nom nom nom - I make food

Glass and guts from Justice

Stuff on my table at A Little Bazaar.

Views from the Horniman (sorry, I just wanted to use that name again.)

Conservatory roof


Stuffed scarlet ibises. So much prettier than the black and white ibises roaming around in Sydney.

Autumn is upon us.

The Man Creature made me this and I shall treasure it forever (until he pisses me off and I decide to crush it to dust.)

Pink - the best colour for a bandstand.



  1. So.... what else is on show at the Horniman Museum?

  2. Various horns and skeletal remains of man...

  3. About the cottage pie, is it the same as shepherd's pie?

    Where are you located? G.B.?


  4. Hi Judy,
    yes, it's exactly the same as sheperd's pie :)

    I'm living in London, and the two terms (sheperd's/cottage) are used interchangeably, as far as I'm aware :)