Monday, 14 December 2009


Friday night saw me leaving my lovely lair and venturing to Bethnal Green for a 21st birthday celebration. The  other guests were...shall we say...a little grey, so the Mancreature, our friends A and B and I moved over to the foosball table in the corner and indulged in four pulse-quickening games of little-men-on-sticks-pushing-a-ball-around.

The Mancreature and I lost heavily (I'm sad to say, my very last goal happened to be an own goal, how embarrassing!) but it's inspired me to look into making a foosball table. I'm thinking of getting little Barbies or Action Man figures and drilling holes through them so I can attach them to metal sticks. Not sure about how to actually go about making one of those fancy weighted tables though, so it will be a very rudimentary set-up.  I want to be a winner at foosball!

Black beret - 'Everything £5' shop, Red jacket - vintage Jaeger via opshop, Black t-shirt - Uniqlo, Polka dot dress - It's so old I can't remember!, Grey and black belt - car boot sale, Bag- Singapore

Our little foosball-team guys happened to be painted in black-and-red, very much like my get-up that evening. Although, a cursory glance in my wardrobe (aka pile of clothes on the floor) just confirmed that most of my wearables tend to fall within either Red team or Black team anyway. I guess I need more blue stuff in case I ever end up playing on the blue foosball side.


  1. OH MY GOD TOY FOOSBALL!!!!!!!! I am so excited for this!!! I have been thinking lately of putting a shout out for old toy donations to do more creepy toy photos and installations. Toy Foosball sounds so AWESOME!!! I think barbies feet are too small though, maybe if you cut off her legs. But then the ball might get caught in her crotch holes. Always a danger when playing ball!


  2. Well, I thought Barbie might be too long, so I was gonna search for smaller dolls instead...maybe like those bitty ones they gave away with a Happy Meal?

  3. HAPPY MEAL FOOSBALL!!!!!!! Dear God you have to

  4. Maybe the little foosball-guys could kick a McNugget around as well?