Monday, 7 December 2009

S Is For...

a) Spiral bedsock - Started and finished my first sock (yes, just the one, for now) on the weekend. This spiral pattern is great for novice, nervous sock knitters like me, because there are no heel turns to fiddle around with. It's basically a cuff-down tube that's grafted together at the toes. The wonderous part is that the 3x3 spiral ribbing helps it fit your feet perfectly.

*Sorry for forcing my horridly misshapen feet in your face. I don't think I ever realized how freakishly long my second toe is. Sorry :(

The pattern comes from this trusty, obviously well-thumbed booklet (perhaps the best 50p I ever spent!). I did only one and three-quarter repeats, making them anklet-sized. While the instructions actually call for double-knit yarn, I decided to go with the much thinner sock yarn my sister recently sent to me. I also switched to 3.25mm needles instead of the recommended 4mm ones, and knit them in the largest size so they would fit.

b) Second - sock. Which I started this morning and hope to finish VERY VERY soon. So I can start on another pair of socks.

c) Sunny's blog - My awesomely talented friend Sunny has just started her blog, chockful of sexy ladies and crazy creative doings. Go check it out.


  1. A) :D You're advertising me! Amen.

    B) You are right to apologise for your toes, they are evil and wrong.

    C) Did you thumb the booklet with your freakishly long second toe?

  2. A) I only have about 2 people who actually read this blog though, and you're one of them.

    B) At least I covered the other one up with a sock.

    C)Like a monkey

  3. A) Have you added statcounter? You'd be surprised. I'm surprised. 134 people have loaded my site...or the same people 134 times....

    55 40.44% Sydney NSW

    17 12.50% Gillette Wyoming

    12 8.82% Westminster Westminster

    8 5.88% Melbourne Vic

    8 5.88% London London

    6 4.41% Glenfield NSW

    4 2.94% Brentwood Essex

    4 2.94% Florence Toscana

    4 2.94% Epping NSW

    4 2.94% Westmead NSW

    3 2.21% Chicago Illinois

    2 1.47% Balmain NSW

    2 1.47% Newmarket Kilkenny

    2 1.47% Karlsfeld Bayern

    2 1.47% Roseville NSW

    1 0.74% Wayne New Jersey

    1 0.74% Beverly Hills Cali
    1 0.74% Brisbane QLD

  4. Nah, but I got Google Analytics, I dunno if they give you the same kinds of info though?

  5. Mine has a cool map :)

    But people keep stealing my images :(

    What are they doing with them stix?!?!

  6. Yeah, i get cool maps too...and keywords that lead people to me.

    They're using your pictures for nefarious purposes.

  7. you guys are well boring.
    mama loves you.


  8. Yeah I knew I should have aborted you at birth, mama. Jesus loves you.

  9. MAMA! Stop beating me. I'll be clever and interesting NEXT life. And then I'll blog alll about it. In percentages!