Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Bake Club

Last week turned out to be a bit of a bake-athon. I whipped up some chocolate acorn caps and brioches on Thursday,  then hiked over to the East-side for Bake Club. The cake for this session was a moist, slightly savoury pistachio and fig cake, topped with a luscious layer of cream cheese frosting. I won't write too much about it, since Yusuf will do a write-up on our club blog soon enough. If you do want a go at it yourself though, click over to this DesignSponge page for the recipe. 

Bake Club was held in Yusuf's flat this time, and it is ridiculously PERFECT for food photography - clean white surfaces, lots of windows letting in natural sunlight! I'm gonna have to look for a flat like that the next time I move. Who cares if I have to sell a vital organ to pay the rent?