Monday, 13 September 2010

Test Pattern

Knitting weather has returned, so here are some sneak peaks at current projects I'm plugging away on. 
These little nubbins are a new sock pattern, being test knitted for the lovely Emma of Loumms. It's got gorgeous winding cables and a rather amazing heel. I'm still a notice at sock construction, so the first sock had a few mistakes, but the second one seems to be coming along rather nicely. And yes, I'm knitting them in two different yarns, because that's how I roll.
And I've also started working on a turban! The pattern comes from the V & A's knitting patterns archive, and seems a little scary at first because what you're knitting looks NOTHING like what's shown in the photo. But now that it's nearly half done, I think I have a vague idea how it's going to work out. I'm also very tempted to knit up some of the jumper patterns in that archive, but I have a sad, not-even-half-done vest stashed away in a cupboard, crying out for me to finish it. I'll post pictures if it ever gets finished. 

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