Monday, 16 May 2011

The Shiny Secretary

A reiteration of my 'Secretary' pencil skirt, this time made from a set of shiny old curtains. The back of the curtains are bonded to a peculiar white, slightly sticky material which made sewing a nightmare. The rubbery material insisted on sticking to both the feeddogs and presser foot, which made my fabric all crinkly. To get around this problem, I underlined the shell with a lavender-blue lining fabric, which made the sewing process so much easier!

Underlining the skirt meant that I was left with exposed seams, which I'm not a fan of. The lining fabric also ravels as soon as you even peep at it, so finish it off with a simple zigzag edge wasn't a great idea. I fixed this by making some bias tape from the remnants of my lining fabric, and finished the skirt with my first attempt at Hong Kong seams - you can see them in the photo below!
I've got a whole other curtain's worth of this strange, but lovely, fabric left, so son't be surprised when you see it popping up in other projects in future!


  1. You're amazing and so is this!!! Start pumping out pencil skirts for the shop bish ;) oh and make me a billionty

  2. No, you're amazing! Skirts will have to wait til I draw up a few other sizes, but then you'll have a billionty! Or get Oly to make you one now...