Thursday, 25 August 2011

Fly Front!

Here's a sneak peek at a new project. What's so special about it? It's my first ever fly front zipper! I've been thinking about learning how to insert a fly front zipper for ages, and kept putting it off because it all looked impossibly complicated and potentially heartbreaking. Thank goodness for 50p pillowcases from the op-shop eh? 

I finally took the plunge last week, after several hours of Googling and Youtubing, and you know what? It definitely wasn't as complicated as it looked! Now all I want to do is make up shorts and trousers so I can keep inserting fancy fly front zippers in them. For those of you who are thinking of doing the same, I highly recommend this video on Threads. You'll be a fly fronting pro in no time, I promise! 


  1. Hello there
    can you tell me if you did it with several parts of fabric or just one ?

    1. Hi Ami, there are several bits of fabric involved.
      Firstly - left and right front of your shorts/trousers (= 2 pieces)
      Next - Left and right back of shorts/trousers (= another 2 pieces)
      You can also add a zipper guard (you can see this piece in between the opened zipper), it's not necessary but helps prevent the teeth from getting caught on your knickers or skin.
      Hope this was helpful!