Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Homemade Gravlax

If you've had it before, you'll probably agree that the taste of grav lax is easily leaps and bounds above the often one-note saltiness of most smoked salmon. It's usually subtly salty, with hints of sugar and dill. Unlike it's smoked brethen, this lovely cured item is can be hard to find in supermarkets or on the menus most eateries. However, with a few simple ingredients and some patience, these delicious salmon slices can be easily created at home. 
You'll need to get a hefty hunk of salmon fillet - we had about 1 kg of fillet, sliced in two. Go ask the Google Gods for a tasty recipe - there are many out there. Manbacon cleverly combined a few recipes to come up with our own very tasty version. Most will include plenty of dill, salt and sugar, as well as two days or more of curing time. It really takes hardly any effort at all. 

Be patient, because once the salmon is cured,  you'll be rewarded with your very own, immensely tasty slices of grav lax. Enjoy them with plenty of crusty sourdough and creamy butter, or just be indulgent and pop whole slices into your mouth. 

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