Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Likya Ocakbasi Restaurant

It's probably because I don't eat out enough, but I often equate Turkish with late night kebabs. Good thing a couple of friends persuaded me to trek over to Golders Green for dinner at Likya
It's probably no surprise to hear that we ordered too much food - multiple starters to share, as well as a main course each. Starters included battered calamari, artichokes, taramasalata, various breads and grilled liver. The liver was a bit of a revelation for me - breaded and richly spiced, I found myself unable to stop picking at them. 
Those starters were pretty filling, but of course, we went ahead and ordered mains as well. My main was grilled quail, which came with a sizeable salad on the side. Manbacon had a bowl of lamb shank with carrots and potatoes, as well as a large bowl of steamed rice to accompany it. The other guys ordered some grilled chicken with aubergine, as well as a chicken kebab dish (it's been a while, I can't remember what they're called - oops!).

My quail was tasty and juicy, not dry the way they can be. However, quail is probably not the best bird to order when eating in polite company - it has many tiny little bones, and should ideally be picked apart and eaten with your fingers. I didn't want to do so while in a restaurant surrounded by families and courting couples, so had to make do with attempting to dissect the quail as delicately as possible with my fork and knife.
As I said above, it's been a while since we actually visited it, so I can't remember too much about it, except that the wood panelled decor reminded me very much of a Polish house. What I ate was very tasty, though not tempting enough to make me go all the way to Golders Green just to dine there. I will, however, be more than delighted to revisit it whenever I'm in the area. It just takes so long to get to Golders Green though!

68 - 70 Golders Green Road
NW11 8LN

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