Thursday, 9 August 2012


Guess who went to the Olympics last Sunday? Yes, yes I did, thanks to a very generous friend. He invited me the gymnastic finals, which took place at the O2 instead of the more hyped-up Olympic Park. Good thing too, as being among hordes of people always drive me into slightly hyperventilate-y mode, and the O2 wasn't as crowded.(Fun fact - did you know that tickets to Olympics events cost around £1229857 each?)

It was everything I expected of an Olympic event. There was...Drama! Shocked gasps! Spandex! Sparkles! Extremely fit athletes! Lots of chalk dust! Duchess Kate!
And a very tall fish burger for lunch, as seen above. It was...unexciting. Also, a very well-dressed Japanese fan with a large sign covered in shiny red tinsel. Louis Smith may have got silver in the pommel horse, but he's a definite gold in the looks department (you have to imagine me saying that with a big pervy wink on my face). 

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