Wednesday, 8 August 2012


For a long time, I've wanted to have my own darkroom at home. Earlier this year, after finally losing patience with a rather inept young man at the Boots counter, I decided to try and make that a reality - the money I saved by not getting my film processed at the shops would go towards home darkroom equipment. Over the last six or so months, Manbacon and I slowly gathered most of the items we would need - tanks, reels, measuring jugs, and perhaps most costly of all, a fancypants scanner. We finally got around to buying some colour chemicals about two weeks ago, and then I showed Manbacon how to process his first two rolls of film. An exciting time in our household!

These pictures were from the first roll we did - taken in Brussels earlier this summer. A rather apt series of images, don't you think? Prehistoric creatures for an almost extinct method of picture-making. 

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