Thursday, 26 March 2009

Girls Can Do Anything

Anyone remember these?
Girl's World - Fashion Designer!
If you were a girl growing up in the '80s then you very well might recognise that sickly shade of pink - reserved for the manufacture of every toy marketed at girls between 2 - 14 years old.
I had one but my mum threw it out when we moved - that's why I live a good 24 hours flight away from them now (am I kidding? Who knows?)
Inside view
But it's alright, I found one - with all parts included - in a second-hand shop last year, so all's well with the world these days. Strangely enough, the shop decided that the box needed one of these warnings.
Of course it's suitable for children! It's called "Girl's World". It's a kids toy...for kids! It even has that cute little Tomy logo in the corner with the happy children! And it's not even like there's tiny pieces in it that kids can choke on. Unless you knew a kid with a monstrously wide mouth - maybe an 8 year old Steven Tyler?
Sexy lady
Back of lady
When you turn the front bits over, you'll see textures on the back pf the plates. Once you've traced the outline of the outfit, you can then fill it in with patterns and textures. Not just a pretty face.
Mine even came with already coloured-in drawings from the little girl who owned it before me. She seems to have given them all names and personalities too.
Serina SmartiePants - Bahahahaah, my favourite
This one's my favourite picture coz it looks like she has hyper-trichosis. It's actually a picture on the side of the box, so I'm guessing it wasn't drawn by a kid. What the fuck's going on? Maybe the product designer had a crush on Jojo the Wolfboy?
All the single ladies...
Now I wanna go get awesome vintage fabric and make 70's tennis outfits. Instead, I made a little owlie.
LinkThis little guy was meant to go into the store, maybe as a pincushion, but I dunno if I can bear to part with him. And I don't like the thought of some random sticking pins into him. I might give it away to someone I know will treat him well.
Speaking of the store, I was getting all depressed coz no one had bought anything for over a week, and no one even seemed to be looking at any of our stuff, then I logged on yesterday morning and saw that I had sold two aprons overnight!
The buyers will receive their aprons in a very nicely wrapped up package. Coz I like wrapping things up.

And lastly - are those weeds growing in my terrarium? Can someone with more plant knowledge than me please let me know? I was excited when I saw little green things sprouting, but now that they're bigger some of them look suspiciously similar to those weedy things you see in cracks on the street. I dunno what to do! If they look like they're going all Triffid-style in the mossararium I might pull them out.

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