Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Pooping Crochet

I got poo on my mind. Poo, and moss. But mainly poo. I think I just like saying it. It just rolls off the tongue so easily. Go on...say it -poooooooo...

So I made one. Well, actually, I've made more than one (of course!) but I've only made one so far that doesn't stink up a room and isn't messy. Behold the crocheted poop!It's really easy to make, single crochet all around, and if you've been crocheting for awhile, you'll be able to make it without any instructions. If you're a beginner and need to be told how to shit, then simply google it. The interweb is full of crap. Quite literally.

And while we're talking about nastiness, I thought I'd throw in some pictures of my bruises for you too. I acquired these while cycling down Victoria Road about 4 days before I left Sydney. A parting present, perhaps? I actually burst into tears after I got up, mainly because I was a little shocked at having found myself on the ground, just before unnnecessarily-large 4-wheel-drives started zooming past.

Anyway, besides making poo, I've been surprisingly productive this past week. Not having a job is great! It allows me to do all the things I never could while I was working. Not that having to sit in reception and check in grumpy Euro-touros every couple of hours was a particularly exhausting job.
I started and finished this bonnet, which I got from a Patons booklet from the op-shop. The pattern was actually for a doll's bonnet, but dolls are creepy and I don't intend on buying them, much less making clothes for them. So I simply used a bigger hook and made it human size.
(I look fairly sheepish in the photo because I just realised I looked like a giant baby. That's enough to make anyone look sheepish. Or maybe that's just how I look in all my photos anyway.)

I've also finished a couple more aprons, and two skirts made from big old-lady scarfs. These, and the bonnet, are going into the Etsy store that Googy and I have set up. And also some ear stretchers. I've only made three for now coz I ran out of Fimo. I'll include a link for the store at the side or something. There's nothing in it now anyway. Except for a picture of Nugget. Nugget is hot. It's our mascot.
And just for my own viewing pleasure, I've made a little moss terrarium. A mossarium? I found the perfect jar for it in one of the op-shops in Camberwell on Sunday, then dragged the poor, sick boy to the park with me so I could scoop up some lovely green moss.
Another op-shop find was the tiny little Ful-Vue camera - looks like a half-sized version of a medium format twin-lens reflex...but so cute and so little. It's supposed to take 620 film, so I'm gonna try and look for some medium format film and modify it/ squeeze it in.
Small things are awesome.

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