Friday, 17 April 2009


But first, let's have a look at my the new member of my terrarium family! I found it in the same car boot sale in Battersea where I found all my other treasures. It was caked in dust and had grimy, grim plastic flowers glued in it. But I took it home, ripped out the gross flowers, and planted real flowers in it. Alyssum and lobelia, for a mix of purple and white when they flower. If, they flower...

And now, new little baby bagginses. This first one was my test run, and I'm using it as pouch for my digital camera. I've added padding for protection, and the outside made of 5 layers of plastic carrier bags fused together. Padded, and waterproof!
If you're running out of storage space for those plastic bags that every shop seems to insist on handing out to you, then making stuff out of fused plastic bags is probably a good way to get rid of them without adding to landfill. How very earth-friendly.
And fusing them together is strangely addictive - have some afternoon murder mystery (I like me some Murder, She Wrote, personally) playing on the telly for distraction, start the iron, and go!
These'll go into the shop too, I'll probably end up making heaps of them as they are strangely satisfying to make...might be all that padding. Like a little pillow...

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