Tuesday, 14 April 2009


Battle of the Eastern European cakes

Twas my birthday this past Sunday, and lo and behold, the heavens presented me with not one, but TWO birthday cakes! And if you've met me before, you'll know I love cake. I wuff cake!
That's the second year in a row that I've ended up with two cakes in a day for my birthday. Does that make it a tradition now? I hope it does, it's an awesome tradition!
Cake no. 1 by my housemate Emese. Just chillin' in the fridge, ya know, hanging out...
It was supposed to be a surprise but The Man let it slip the day before that she was making me a cake, so I had to put my 'oh, what a surprise!' face on.
Cake no. 2 aka 'The Monster'. The Man made this...with a recipe from a Polish website. He kept calling it a 'torte'. But then I told him it was pretty much like a Black Forest cake...and he still kept calling it a 'torte' but I think it became known as a Black Forest torte thereafter. The white layers are there because we ran out of cocoa powder. And also coz we believe in racial integration. (Integration now! Segregation never!)
It weighed as much as a new-born baby and I just had the last slice for breakfast. Is that why my tummy hurts now?
Before demolition

Look how much cake no. 2 towers over cake no. 1. It tries to intimidate with sheer bulk!
Halfway through demolition

For your consideration - I had two helpings of cake-age. That's how tuff I am. Don't mess, mofo.

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