Thursday, 23 April 2009

A Long Birthday

The good thing about living halfway around the globe from most of your family and friends? Your birthday feels like it's extended for at least a month.
The Man had given me my present way back at the start of March, so I wasn't expecting anything else from him, although he very kindly made me a giant cake on the day itself.

But last Friday, my second* favourite postie (who looks very much like an older Tom Baker) knocked on our door and thrust a largish package at me - from my sister Tiffany. Hmm...soft insides...towels? (I got some large fluffy ones last year from her.) Nope, yarn! 6 balls of awesome yarn, in neutral tones.

I've already broken into the two balls of Panda double knitting yarn to make a neckwarmer in moss stitch for a friend's upcoming birthday. The nubbly grey Intarsia will become a beanie for Tiffany - the gift back? And I'm not sure about the variegated bamboo yarn yet. Maybe a Moebius cowl? I like those.
Finished neckwarmer
I'm fairly certain the recipient of this neckwarmer doesn't read this blog, so it's fairly safe posting this picture here. I love those vintage green buttons.

Anyway, the next day, Tom Baker knocked on the door and thrust another large, soft package at me - more yarn! This time from Hazlina (for whom I made the neckwarmer).
Check it out - supersoft new wool in bright autumnal colours! I'm still deciding what to do with them. Any suggestions?

*My first favourite postie is Charlotte, of course.

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