Tuesday, 16 June 2009

A Good Mail Day...And A Giveaway!

Some people have postie troubles. Me, I love my postie. Why? Because he looks like Tom Baker, and this morning, he knocked on the door and handed me three packages, all with my name on them! It's been an excellent mail day today.

These are what I found when I opened the packages. Moving clockwise from the bottom left corner - some beads I ordered, the lovely cross-stitch patterned brooch I won in Alice's blog giveaway, and lastly, a letter and a copy of The Great Unwashed zine from Googy.

The zine had to be done in black and white this time as Googy doesn't have access to an office colour-copier anymore, but she managed to 'borrow' some colourful paper before leaving her last job so it's still pretty colourful anyway. Office supply cupboards pretty much help us keep putting this zine out. We spent the last couple of months sending each other snailmail with drawings and stories to get it all together. Working on a zine isn't that easy when your partner-in-crime is thousands of miles away.

Anyway, to celebrate this awesome mail day, and because I'm feeling generous, I'm going to do a giveaway for one of my new tardigrade brooches, which I'm thinking of putting into the Etsy shop soon.

All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment telling me what your favourite bug or insect is, and also which colour tardigrade you'd like to have. I have them in 4 colours - red, white, blue and yellow. I'll do the draw on Sunday the 21st and get in touch with the winner.

Good luck, everyone!


  1. Super cute new item.I love gettign stuff in the mail. It really makes my day

  2. I love getting my etsy pkgs in the mail :-)

    Cute brooches!

  3. Opening packages makes me happy too :)

  4. Hi there. Dogs can enter, too. Oh good. heehee. Sasha and I like Flutterflies as she calls them. AKA-Butterflies. Blue or red is fine. Love your blog by the way. Sasha sends doxie kisses your way.

  5. I love spiders! Big, creepy ones!
    I like the white one!
    Awesome giveaway! Thanks.

  6. Oh, heck yeah, I love your little beasties!

    And I like beasties, in general! But my long time favorite is the honeybee. Communal living! Total matriarchy! Building and surviving off their own spit! It's like a horrible Scifi dystopia, but idyllic!
    Also, they's purty.:D

    Thanks for posting the giveaway-- I might never have found your blog otherwise! And clearly, I musut follow the blog of another who loves the little things (bugs, virii, monocellular organisms...) like I do!:D


  7. awesome.

    my favorite bug is a roly poly. yes. in fact, i picked one up the other day. and rolled it.

    i love the yellow!

    thanks for a great giveaway.

    wendiwinn on etsy.

  8. Would love a yellow praying mantis...that would be sweet! Thanks for the fun giveaway! :)

    I can be reached through my blog (email)

  9. I like the squished bugs I have on my walls. They are memories of good times! Times when a bug was bugging me and I squished it. So satisfying. I am too lazy to clean them so they remain forever (or til they biodegrade) as my pets. I call one Frankie, and one Laszlo, and one Chairman Meow.

    Usually I like red but I'm lovin' the yellow 'tardy tard. Why?! I also love the white and blue 'tards. That's 'tardy. Did I mention your postie uses a tardis to deliver his packages? What a 'tard! :D

  10. I love a good mail day!

    The ant and cricket are my fave lil buggies.
    I would love a white tardigrade!


  11. easy bit first - purple. what, no purple? blue then :-) favourite insect? dragonfly, but NOT the larvae, cos they've been eating all my tadpoles. meanies. definitely not bees, cos I had some in my hair recently :-(

  12. Ahhhh I love water bears!! Ever since I took aquatic etymology I've loved them! lol
    I think my favorite insect would be a planaria. I think you should make planaria pins too :D

    I'd like a white water bear if I win


  13. TARDIGRADES! I would like any color tardigrade to match my awesome tardigrade plushy (yellow with brown stripes), which is currently sitting in my room, on my bed... alyons_63[at]hotmail[dot]com

  14. TARDIGRADES!! I would like any color tardigrade to match my awesome tardigrade plushy (yellow with brown stripes), which lives in my room, on my bed....thanks!

  15. oh so cute! I love red and white!! and I love ants! they're so strong! My little heroes:)

  16. Ladybird! The white one is cute!

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  17. How awesome! Here I was thinking I was the only one making tardigrades ;)

    My favorite insect is the ambush bug (Phymatidae)... and I'd love a white tardigrade <3


  18. My favorite bug is the Praying Mantis. I would love to give a yellow tardigrade a home. :)


  19. It always rocks when your postie looks like Doctor Who. :)