Wednesday, 3 June 2009


We get a lot of mail. A lot of them come in giant A4-sized envelopes. (Why? It's not that hard to make a couple of folds in paper! Don't companies have interns - who they don't pay - to do that sort of thing anyway?)

I usually take my so-important-it-can't-be-folded letter out of the envelope, then chuck the envelope into the recycling.

But last week, while waiting for the kettle to boil so I could have some tea (my life is exciting like that), I peeked into one of those A4-sized envelopes and discovered that on the flip side of the white surface, was a whole other world, a world filled with security patterns.

Isn't it awesome how you discover previously unknown things while waiting for a cup of tea? I need to drink more tea. Anyway, I didn't want to throw the pretty security patterned paper away, but I have enough shit lying about the house not being put to use, so I needed to try and make something 'useful' with them.

So I cut up some envelopes, found a pretty vintage postcard, and bound it all together into a nifty A6 sized notebook.

I only had enough security patterned paper for 16 pages, but I wanted a thicker notebook, so I cut up other envelopes. It makes for a cute little pocket-sized 32-page notebook, and the different papers mean you don't get bored with it too quickly.

A tutorial should follow shortly. Maybe in a couple of weeks...I'm off to make some tea now.

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