Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Ari The Aviator

If you've been following this blog for at least the last month, you'll remember that my friend Ari asked me to knit her a bunch of items. Besides the Dragonforce gauntlets, Ari also requested two beanies - one for casual everyday wear and one for when she has to cheer on her boy's footie team. Luckily, that team's colours are red and black (Melbourne AFL fans, you probably know what team I'm talking about), quite stylish as far as team colours go. Then again, it could be the repressed teenage emo-goth in me...red and black is pretty much my favourite colour combination ever. Next to purple and pink.

Anyway, she asked me for one that wasn't 'completely bogan', and I tried to oblige. The Amelia Earhart aviator cap pattern was something that I'd been itching to try ever since I joined Ravelry, so after glancing briefly at the pattern, I decided that this was the best pattern for Ari's footie hat. Of course, the pattern states that 'Knitting this cap with a plain yarn of one color shows the knitting pattern best.' A line that I had completely missed/skimmed over/ignored when starting the project. It was only after I'd done about 5 inches that I started getting worried...the stripes were going sideways instead of up, like I assumed they would.


Way to stubborn to frog it, I decided to complete the whole thing instead and see how the stripes turned out. So I finished it, sewed up the seams, and...well, I reckon it looks pretty awesome! The stripes add some flair to the pattern and make it look like a racing helmet. It's way more stylin' than your typical bogan footie beanie. I added a single crochet row at the front to keep all the knots in place, and also added one black plaited tie/tassel on the right, and a red one on the left, so Ari can secure the hat to her head on windy M-town days.

What do you reckon?