Friday, 29 May 2009

More Crochet Terrariums

Not the best photos, I'm afraid. The corner of the room that they're in never gets much sunlight. You can see a stand-alone one here too. I made that one about 3 weeks before these ones.

This is how I've arranged them so far, there should be a bunch of others going up in the next few weeks. The idea is to make a huge arrangement of them up on the walls so it feels like I'm living in a weird fungi-ifed cave-room.

More close-ups can be seen on my Flickr page. Anyone feel like getting me a pro account as a belated birthday gift?


  1. Wow, beautiful! I truly admire people that crochet, I can't crochet for peanuts! lol


  2. thats a really cool idea! They look awesome, I cant wait to see the progression when you add more!