Friday, 1 May 2009

Sherlock's Slippers


A couple of months ago, the Man-creature's house slippers finally breathed their last breath and gave up. He buried them in the rubbish bin. (Well, they were actually my slippers that he had 'borrowed' and they smelled like mouse-piss by the time he threw them away.)
So being the nice, angelic being that I am, I promised to make him a new pair.
And I did. It took me an evening of frustrated yelling and foot stomping, and a little fight with my sewing machine (it's ok, we've made up now) and then not touching it for at least a whole week. But he did eventually get a new pair of slippers.
Excuse my gross legs - they got into a fight with the road a few months back. The road won...this time.

Here they are, I should have taken some photos of them as soon as they were finished, but I was too lazy. Erm, I mean, I had no time. And I would have taken photos as I was making them up so I could post a tutorial...but of course, that would require some foresight. Which I rarely, if ever, have.
So all I have are some photos of them looking fairly ratty. At least I thought of making the base out of fused plastic bags that they're a little waterproof. Not much though.

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