Sunday, 17 May 2009


Had to trudge all the way to the Post Office and walk home with this HUGE parcel under my arm the other day, but it was worth it when I finally got to open it. Even if my arm hurt after that. It was frakkin' heavy! Like, over a kilo of yarn heavy!

I think I actually looked a little surprised when the postie gave me the parcel, coz he grinned at me before hefting it over the counter to me. But it's worth the achy arm coz look what I got!

Ari spent over $40 in postage alone. I think it cost her more to post the damnned thing than to actually buy the wool.

And look what else was in the package? Glittery knitting needles! Look at them there glinting in the sunlight!
So many exclamation marks! Because I'm so excited!

But these ain't all just for me. Ari actually bought these so I could make her two beanies and a pair of armwarmers. Which is totally fine by me, coz I hardly ever wear anything I make anyway, and it's all just taking up space, so this gives me an excuse to knit more coz they'll actually be going to someone else.

Well, time to get to work, I guess...

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