Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Glow In The Dark Cakeage

I'm ready for my close-up

We had an extra bag of frozen cherries left over from the city-sized cake that the Man Creature made for my birthday, so I decided that the recent long weekend was a good time to bake another cake. Well, I decided, and then pestered Man Creature to make it. He's spent the at least 8 hours in two days playing Knights of The Old Republic anyway, so making a cake would've been a good break for him. I was simply looking out for him.

The plan was to make a sponge cake, filled with cherries and cream-type stuff in the middle, then topped with more cherries and a jelly glaze. The cream-type stuff in the middle would be made from a Polish pudding that's pronounced something like 'budin', then mixed with butter and cherries(it's a Polish recipe so please do not ask me for a translated version, I'm sure any sponge cake recipe would do). I chose a bright green, lime-flavoured jelly for the glaze. That might've been where things started to go wrong.

I was expecting something like this -

This is what it looked like when we finished with it -
Frankenstein's cake

Glowing like a...glowy thing

All the components were made and put together perfectly - sponge cake rose beautifully in the over, creamy middle part came together beautifully, cherries were tasty...

Then came time to add the jelly. Or rather, the bright green liquid that was supposed to be jelly. I mixed it up, it didn't set fast enough (apparently Polish jelly sets in half an hour) so the Man Creature decided it would be a good idea to simply poor the liquid over the cake. Which he did.

The liquid-jelly than soaked into the whole top layer of the cake and disappeared. We put it into the fridge to set anyway, because I'll be damned, I want a cake and I won't be denied a cake!
By the time we took the cake out later in the evening, the jelly had set and transformed the top layer into a UV active gelatinous goop...which was surprisingly tasty. I think the liquid jelly actually added moisture to the cake, and the whole project ended up being very squishy and soft and creamy. Maybe I just like soft foods...

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