Friday, 8 May 2009

Indecision Strikes

I'm horrible at deciding on what to give people.
Some of you may remember this scarf that I finished a few weeks back. It was meant for my friend Haz...or so I thought. Her birthday's not till later this month so I kept it aside, to be posted closer to the actual date.

In the meantime, I started on another scarf, using the bamboo/cotton yarn my sister sent me. I finished it yesterday, set it aside, and looked at it again this morning. And then changed my mind about the scarf I was going to send Haz. And I keep calling it a scarf even though it's actually more of a cowl. What a retard.
I dunno, I think it just suits her more. You don't care coz you don't know her. Or you've just stumbled across this blog randomly and you don't know me.

Anyway, I'm afraid I'll keep changing my mind everytime I knit a new scarf, so I've packaged the latest one into an envelope and sealed it tight with sticky tape. So I can't undo it. I guess this is the one she'll be getting then.

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