Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Rhonda's Recycled Craft Challenge

Etsy seller junkstop is holding the first ever 'Rhonda's Recycled Craft Challenge' and I'll be taking part in it.

It sounds pretty interesting - you register by purchasing a challenge packet from her Etsy shop, she mails out the packages on June 2nd, you get it, make something, put it up in the Flickr group that she's set up, and twiddle your thumbs till she announces a winner on July 31st! If you win (ahem, I mean, when I win), you'll get a US$20 voucher to her shop.

It's only US$0.20 to enter, and you get a to make a bunch of items from stuff that would otherwise have gone into landfill. And if you win, you get to buy stuff like this from her shop:
and also these:
Have a look at her blog for more details and crafty ideas.

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