Saturday, 2 January 2010

Now Here's The Sun, It's Alright...

The Mancreature and I traipsed off to the wee town of Betws-y-Coed in Wales recently for a short break from being digitised superheroes (I play Thor, by the way). He wanted to take the computer along but I had a little yell about how "we're supposed to be on holiday, you're not supposed to work on holiday!"

Betws-y-Coed is one of those ridiculously picturesque little towns with lots of nature all around - mossy green woods, babbling waterfalls, sheep roaming in fields, and cute little stone buildings. We had to hop on a tiny, one-carriage train to get to the town, it was so cute! Everything was so pretty, but also slightly creepy. Maybe it was because almost every shop we saw was either an outdoor shop selling lots of Goretex, or a touristy shop selling lots of tat with 'Cymru' emblazoned on it.

This weird fake clown tree trunk person right outside our breakfast room also added to the creepy-small-town factor. They sacrifice children underneath it.

We ate a lot, saw some waterfalls, hiked through some woods, and watched a lot of TV.

How to perform eye surgery on an egg.

Huge hot chocolate

Cafe in a converted train carriage.
And just to make it a truly memorable holiday, I got stuck in a cafe toilet, and was yelling and banging on the door for ages, but no one came *sad face*. Turns out the groups of people that were eating in the section near the toilets had left just after I went in, and the music was fairly loud, so no one heard my pleas for help at all. I finally managed to shove the door open, and told the Mancreature that I was stuck in the toilet, only for him to reply: "I know, but I just wanted to listen to radio."

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