Friday, 22 January 2010

Experiments With Purple

Made a fruit loaf using this recipe, but substituted frozen cherries, smoked prunes and a spoonful of blueberry jam in place of the bananas. I also used some vanilla soy milk and a tiny splash of ginger wine, instead of the coffee I used in the earlier recipe. The insides of the loaf were a lovely shade of purple, and it was great toasted, with some Nutella on top.

Red cabbage casserole, with grated cheese on top. Yes, it really was that violent shade of purple. May not be the prettiest dish around, but it was hella tasty.

Used a couple of leaves from the red cabbage to dye some white crochet cotton, and it came out this lovely shade of pale blue. My earlier experiments using vegetable matter to dye stuff can be seen here. I always get a little surprised when picking them out of the dye bath, as the colours are never really what I expect them to be.


  1. i would never have guessed that a red cabbage leaf would have produced that beautiful blue!

    and it may just be that i am hungry and haven't had breakfast yet, but wow!, that fruit loaf looks delicious :)

  2. Yeah, I was surprised it came out blue too!

  3. Now, I dunno if red cabbage is red or not :P but wow, blue! It's a pretty blue though, quite the unexpected hue since I always think blue is quite an artificial colour...(dunno why really, loads of natural things are blue :P) Gah that fruitbread looks so good..

  4. I've since been told that in Poland, red cabbage is actually known as 'blue cabbage' confusing!