Sunday, 21 March 2010

Summer Camp

Mystery roll of film found --> brought for developing --> lo! and behold, memories galore!

Well, I guess 'galore' isn't really the right word for it, since only about 8 photos actually came out. The photos on that mystery roll were taken on my Action Sampler pretender, and it was a real blast from the (not so distant) past when I finally got my pictures back from the shop.
These were taken in all February 2007, when my ponies and I went for our sort-of-annual camping trip up near Forster, in NSW.
We slept till noon every day, then trekked to the beach or lake and ran around singing 'Wuthering Heights, ate  way too much chocolate cake, played with sparklers, and hung out at the pool across the road pretending we were fancy ladies at an expensive resort.

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