Thursday, 8 April 2010

Park Life

It's only a few more months to summer, so I thought it was finally time I got around to showing you these photos I took last summer.
Ruskin Park

Horniman Museum

These were all taken on my Hanimex 35DL, the 'DL' standing for 'dual-lens'. The lenses themselves are plastic, and are fixed on this wheely-thing (yeah, real technical words, eh?) that you can turn around, depending on whether you want to use the wide-angle or the close-up lens. I can never tell which one I'm using, so it's always a bit of a surprise once I get the pictures back. There's a battery-operated flash built in to the body, which I never use. I find that the best shots tend to be ones taken in bright sunlight, as the lenses aren't really equipped to deal with low levels of light. 

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