Thursday, 22 April 2010


Some second-hand goodies I picked up recently.

Awesome Halina 35x in fairly decent condition except for a little ding on the metal bit near the lens. I've run a roll of film through it to test it out, and should get it back tomorrow. It was attached to a leather case which was falling apart and missing the front flap, so I'm working on making a little padded bag to ferry it around safely.

Some awesome tea and biscuit tins. The bus-themed tin is a recent Marks and Spencers biscuit tin, and the bottom two are much older, the one on the right is a Twinings tea tin. They both contained a heap of old buttons, beads, and a crochet hook, so it was a double score!
Blue polyester cardi from the £1 rail that was in perfect condition and looked virtually unworn, and a white faux-fur scarf that actually fastens with a magnetic clasp. 

A mega-ton of old photographs, including a photo album that isn't pictured here, and some mini Swiss postcards.. I'm gonna try and scan them all in so you guys can enjoy them too. Most of them were still in their original paper envelopes, from Boots! Their photo packing was so much nicer back then. That little photo of the father and son (I assume?) at the top right corner makes me a little sad. Also, don't you think the son looks a little like Michael Cera?

Speaking of old-school packaging, I also ended up scoring a beauteous Avon pressed glass jar. The top looks like metal but is actually a type of plastic coated in silver paint. It's only little, but surprisingly heavy for its size. I'd probably be more tempted to purchase Avon potions and lotions if they still came in such pretty jars. 


  1. Halina PRETTY!!! Blingy tins AWESOME! Bowler hat TWINSIES! Jar SHINY! Whatcha gonna do with the photos?

    I passed on (and regret it) a gorge Canonette at Rozelle Salvos the other day cos it was overpriced. Stupid overpricers! Dontcha miss that store? But I still got a lovely haul too :) stretchy red and white polka dot fabric, another barbie-esque head/bust for the collection, a flash for $10 (cos he was silly and didn't know it was worth more and I offered $5 hehe!) and a cute miniature flask to maybe add onto a necklace. And I kinda made my mum buy herself an Olympus Trip 35 to match mine! Double twinsies!

  2. Yeah Rozelle Salvos are soooo overpriced now, rip-offs! There's a Salvo near me where I can still buy stuff for 10p (books, biscuit cutters, etc). Speaking of rip-offs, guy wanted to charge me £30 for the Halina, I bargained him down to £10 in the end. What, like I don't know anything about cameras?
    Anyway, you got an Olympus Trip? Awesome! I've been looking for one for ages! But they always end up charging heaps on eBay and Etsy and I can never find them in op-shops.
    What you gonna do with the polkat dot fabric? I'm gonna scan the photos in and maybe start a 'Found Photos' section on Flickr, cos I'm always picking up random photos or buying them at car boot sales.

  3. Bahaha I know it always cracks me up when they think we know nothing! I ain't schulz baby I just wear the pretty helmet.

    10p that's like what $50AU? :P

    If I ever see another trip I'll grab it for you, I loooves them. My mum is making me mad cos now she wants an SLR polaroid, and a portable record player and a vintage typewriter. She stole my personality! GAHHH! lol

    I'mma make a red polka dot pencil skirt...and then...dunno what with the rest! It's very stretchy teeshirt kinda material so I was thinking some sort of corset-like top...but I'm making such a mess of the skirt so far I don't think my skills have progressed to non-rectangles yet. Plus it's hard to tailor things to boobies. Curvy seams look hard! Although my straight seams are pretty looks like I sew drunk.

  4. If you find a Trip that costs under £10 can you get it for me and I'll pay you back?

    Your Mum wants to be you, it's dangerous!

    You could try making a 50s style swimsuit with the polka dot fabric. There's some easy tutorials on Threadbanger!

  5. Absolutely!

    Wow that sounds like a purrfect use of this fabric! But way beyond my skillzzz.

    P.S. It's winter here you filthy european!

    <3 Sunny.

  6. Bah, Sydney winter is like English summer anyway!