Friday, 30 April 2010

Greens and Yellows

More dyeing experiments with (from top) fennel leaves, dandelion stems, and daffodil flowers. I also had a second jar of dandelion flowers on the go at the same time, but they're not pictured because I've taken pictures of those before.

The fabric and threads are currently mordanting (is that even a real word?) in alum, salt, or a mixture of both, so I'll post photos of the final results when they're dry. Just a word of warning to anyone attempting something similar - fermenting flowers smell worse than the Devil's own gunk after 5 days in a jar, so PLEASE hold your breath when opening the jars up. 

Also, for anyone interested in home dyeing with natural ingredients/materials, I highly recommend a visit to the beautiful Tinctory blog for some inspiration. 

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