Friday, 9 April 2010


Saltimbocca with mushroom sauce, and a side of cous cous. This was the first pretty meal I cooked in our new kitchen.

Prosciutto and Jarlsberg cheese sandwiches.
Possibly the worst cupcake ever! A complete waste of calories. It tasted very strongly of box-mix, and the frosting was curdled. It looks like scrambled eggs in this photo. I took a snap of it because it was so unusually horrible. Cupcake = Major Fail!

Easter Sunday brekkie: instant Polish fermented soup - Barszcz Biawy - sounds gross, but it's actually delicious. With hardboiled  eggs and tinned hotdogs because we didn't have any Polish sausages. It's supposed to be a Polish Easter tradition to eat this on Easter morning.

Fried patties of minced pork, buckwheat, capsicums, and onions, served with a mushroom and red wine sauce. The Mancreature made this.

Pear, walnut and ginger cake. Recipe coming very soon.


  1. wow looks yummy, i like the soup and cake very lovely post feeling hungry now have to take breakfast

    see u ssoon

  2. yummy... looks good! Wait for my taiwan food photo!

  3. Thanks for sharing the photos! This is something I love most about blogs--the personal touch. It all looks fascinating and delicious. Plus, it's always fun to cook in a new kitchen. ;-)

  4. knk: Thank you, hope you had a nice breakfast!

    Tiff: Hurry up with the photos!

    Ren: Thank you for your kind words :)