Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Padded Camera Bag

Finally got off my arse and made myself a little padded bag so I can bring my cameras out and not worry too much about them getting knocked about. 'Professional' photogs will be aghast to find out that I've so far been carrying my 'gear' in filmsy little canvas totes bags, or perhaps even worse, stuffed into a pocket. Yes, even my SLR!

I did think about getting a camera bag/case a while back, but I simply could not grow to love those bulky, flashy 'look-at-me-indulging-in-gearfaggotry' type Crumpler bags. They're just so...acrylic! So I held off, searched around unsuccessfully in op-shops, and then finally said to myself: 'Hang on a minute, I have a sewing machine, I have piles of fabric, I can do this!' 

So I did, and I glad to say that it came out pretty much the way I envisioned it in my head. Which isn't always the case when you're working without a pattern, and adding details willy-nilly. Most of my materials came from my stash, except for the padding, which I spent all of £0.99 on. Extravagant, I know! It was a little pink fleece baby blanket from the 99p Shop down the hill, cut up into appropriate sizes than machine-quilted onto the green lining fabric to secure it. 
And...lots of pockets. Inside and out. I also added two strips of elastic, stitching them to the lining at  intervals of about 1 inch, to hold film, lipsticks and other essentials. The strap came from a huge roll of cotton webbing that I got from an op-shop ages ago for £1.
Here it in, in action, with my Halina 35x hanging round my neck on two strips of green cotton bias binding. So profesh...


  1. ohh yes, when I first got my SLR I used to carry it around in this uber padded black photographer's bag and now, like you, it always ends up in a canvas bag... That seems like such a good choice for protection, and many pockets means no losing extra batteries and memory cards ;)! Loving your Halina btwwww, beautiful!

  2. Yeah, it was the thought of denting the Halina that made me get off my arse and make some protection for it :)