Thursday, 13 May 2010

Summer Fun

I found these photos at a car boot sale a couple weeks ago, and finally got around to scanning most of them in. There's still a whole bunch of others, I'll upload them in bits and bobs, but I'll probably put them on Flickr as well, so you can always go over there to see the whole set. 

Someone wrote 'Pontins Brean Sands' on the back of these two photos up, so I'll assume that's where these were taken. Look, twinsies! They look like they work there, judging by those spiffy matching blazers. And I really like the dress that Blondie's sporting in the top photo, although it looks like the fabric might be really scratchy.

Look, she's been to Paignton! I'm fairly certain they're the same lady in both photos, and someone scribbled 'Paignton' on the back of the second photo, so...I guess they were probably taken during the same holiday? 

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