Friday, 7 May 2010

Blues and Pinks and Inbetweens

Got these back from the chemist last week. These are all from my Konica C35 EF-P, which is fast turning out to be my favourite point-and-shoot camera, for daylight hours at least. It's little, it takes no time at all to wind on a new frame, and it's fairly sturdy. 
More pictures on my Flickr page.


  1. i love love love your photos
    mind sharing how you edit them?
    like a tutorial in a post?

  2. Thank you so much! Honestly though, I'm too lazy to bother editing my photos - the ones in this post were scanned in and uploaded, and that's all I ever do to my film photos.
    I sometimes use Photoshop on a couple of digital images, but that's just to darken/lighten them and fix the contrast. Like I said, lazy... :)