Friday, 14 May 2010

Slashing The Grey

Oh, how I love thee, op-shop £1 rails! I found my new favourite dress on one such rail just last week, and even though the tag actually said £2, the lovely old lady gave it to me for a £1. I think they like me in there. The dress itself wasn't perfect though, but all it needed was a simple alteration. 

Now, in the style of New Dress A Day, I present you with the before picture -
Yep, waaaayyyyy too long on my short frame. Good points: pockets, and those fantastic wing-like sleeves. 

And now, after slashing off a bit of the skirt and hemming it, I present a slightly dressed up After photo -
Black beret - op-shop, black jacket - Primark, grey dress - op-shop, bag - DIY, black tights -I don't remember, black shoes - op-shop

I was on my way to meet with my lawyers (yes, I have lawyers, people! Two of them!) and had to try to dress 'business casual' so they wouldn't get grossed out by my usual holey jeans. Despite the sunshine, it's actually been pretty chilly lately, so I had a jacket on which obscured those cool wing-sleeves. But never mind, because I know they're there! The dress is cotton, and very comfortable. In fact, I'm already thinking of copying the pattern and making more version in the floral fabrics from my stash. And maybe a wool version for winter...would that work? 

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