Monday, 10 May 2010

Good Times

So, I was shivering and starving in my stall in Carnivale yesterday, where I had a stall at their monthly Tik Tac Toe event, when who should come by but Etsy UK blogger AmityUK. Who then proceeded to purchase one of my little Keeper necklaces! Arghhhh! She bought this little baby, right here!
And of course, since I was being geeky and generally stupid, I got all red and blushy, and then ended up giving her the wrong change! Which meant I had to run after her, tap her on the shoulder, and squeak ''I'm so sorry, I gave you the wrong change!'' and then dump another £3 in her hands. Before running away again. Yup, way to make an impression on Etsy staff.

But in case you're wondering, AmityUK is really as nice as she appears in her articles, and I also discovered that she has a lovely little shop on Etsy too, selling really pretty jewellery made from recycled silver. 

Oh, and in another bit of good news on the Etsy front, one of my aprons got featured on the Front Page yesterday too, although I didn't realise it till this morning. Here's a screenshot!
It's that little blue apron, second from the left, on the bottom row. I didn't sell that particular apron, but I did end up selling another one that last night. So, rather a good weekend where Etsy's concerned. Yay!

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