Friday, 14 May 2010

Dyeing With Spring

Finally got around to take some photos of the fabric and threads that I was experimenting with in this post, and here are the results. 
These are all mercerised cotton thread, like the kind used used for crocheting. They were soaked with (from left to right) daffodils, dandelion stems, dandelion flowers, and fennel leaves.

As you can see, the daffodils gave a really vibrant yellow, I'm completely in love with that colour!

The fabric I used here is a very luxurious silk-linen blend, from a pair of trousers in my scrap fabric pile. From left to right: dandelion stems, dandelion flowers, and fennel leaves.

This are my favourites, from the daffodil jar. Look how vivid the colours are! The fabric on the left is a polycotton blend, I think, and I folded it in accordion pleats to fit it into the jar, and it came out with this awesome stripey, tie-dye effect, I love it! The other piece of fabric is the same silk-linen blend as above, and I  simply crushed it up and pushed it into the jar, which may be why the colour is much more uniform.

I've also just started another jar two days ago, with more of that silk-linen blend, and a whole bunch of fennel leaves, so we'll see how that turns out in a week or so.

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