Sunday, 14 March 2010


Or - What I Did When My Computer Wasn't Feeling Well.

Made a mountain of cream cheese biscuits, topped with citrus peel and berry jam. Soft and fluffy, like an edible pillow.

Made a dent in the mountain of acrylic yarn I seem to have collected, by starting a colourful granny-square blanket. It's the blanket that warms you twice - once when you're making it, once when you're snuggling under it. 

Befriended a couple of lovely ladybirds in contrasting colours. Things have been going rather badly this month, so I took the fact that I saw two of them within two days as a sign of upcoming good fortune.

Played around with some of the treasures I picked up about a month ago. I made little baskets out of them (they're about an inch tall, and less than that in width) and crocheted little chains for them, topped with a button. They make excellent holders for little treasures like bottle caps, little nutmen, and  erm, other stuff. 

Made more zipper purses, to be posted on Etsy soon. These are from a pair of old linen shorts (they've been washed!) and some scrap floral fabric.


  1. Oh my god! I love the lil crochet baskets, looks like a necklace. Also fantastic ladybug shots! This reminds me, I must "flog" aka foodblog about my recent cookie cooking adventures. Or lack thereof...To be continued.

  2. Yeah, the little baskets are necklaces, I'm gonna post them on Etsy soon. Maybe tomorrow.
    Did you have a 'ladies of leisure' baking day recently? Flog away, milady!

  3. We did. I didn't bake cos you know...I don't. But there were floor cookies, moth eggs, well washed nuts, burnt cracklies and doolooshusnoos ensued.

  4. oh my gosh i LOVE that little knitted basket thingie!!!!! its so freaking cute!!! I'd wear it as a necklace and hide secret tiny things in it that I would only know about <3

  5. Wonderful photos. Playful and insightful. And the cookies made me hungry.

  6. Denise - Thanks! I hide little things in them :)

    Ren - I'm working on a recipe for those cookies, they came out a bit wet that time.

  7. I love that zippered pouch at the end, the fabric mix is great