Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Rainbow Cake

Some gorgeous cutie turned 31 last Saturday, but unfortunately didn't get the lightsabre laser he was so desperately wishing for. They're insanely cool, but then again, I haven't got an extra £200 lying around right now. So I baked him a rainbow instead. Behold! 
I present - the six layered, six flavoured, megaton birthday cake! Yep, that's right, six different flavours in this one cake. 
The flavours were, from left to right (or top to bottom, depending on how it ends up on your plate):
Red - Cherry
Orange - Orange zest
Yellow - Mango
Green - Pandan
Blue - Blueberries
Purple - Pomegranate and berry jam

I mixed up nearly 2 kilos of batter, and then separated it into 6 portions, before adding the fruits/ flavours and colouring to the individual portions. It took heck of a long time, but it was worth it, if only to hear the Mancreature go 'Wow! Awesome!' upon slicing the cake. 

The individual layers were then sandwiched with pastry cream, before being stacked on top of each other. I left out the frosting, as I had to prepare a wagon load of cakes and biscuits for the Artquest Jumble Sale on Sunday, but if I had to do it again, I may disguise the colours with a buttercream frosting. In fact, I may just attempt it again, because it's the most cheerful cake I've ever made.
Oh, and here's a gratuitous unicorn shot, just because...


  1. INDIGO! INDIGO! INDIGO! INDIGO! INDIGO! When you do it again you have to use INDIGLO!!!!!

    Also, I'm quite concerned about how much you cook with pandas :P though they are the natural enemy of the unicorn so I guess I understand.

  2. Yeah I left it out cos it would have needed lots of blue colouring to make indigo.

    I'm trying to unite pandas and unicorns...its my quest/mission. My missionquest.

  3. It's gorgeous and looks delicious to boot :)

  4. Thanks Beth! I'll need to make it more moist next time though, it was getting quite dry after a few days in the fridge :)