Thursday, 29 July 2010

Tik Tac Toe

August is turning out to be an unexpectedly busy month! I've somehow managed to book myself in to 6 markets days in four weeks in August, so I foresee a lot of running around, and lots more wear and tear on my poor old Oyster card

Anyway, my first market day this month will be at Tik Tac Toe - it's moved over to the Lock Tavern in Camden this time, and they're teaming up with Etsy for bingo and prizes! The other stall holders all have Etsy shops too, and Etsy very kindly did a blog post on it last week. 

I'm quite excited to check out the goodies by the other stallholders, especially Heartzeena and LostatSea. In fact, I've got a feeling I may be spending more money than I'll earn. If you're around Camden this Sunday, do pop on over to the Lock Tavern for music, markets and mmm...cupcakes. 


  1. ...that is not what I pictured when I imagined an Oyster Card.

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