Tuesday, 3 August 2010


I am such a new-camera-slut. Nearly everytime I get my filthy mitts on a new one, it gets declared my favourite. But I think it's true love this time. 


  1. Man-beasts look ten times more sexy when sniffing camera cases. Fact.

  2. ahhhh its not that we play favourites with the cameras... we just can't help but fall in love with shiny pieces of metal

  3. That looks like a fun camera to play with.

    I kinda want this (http://fujifilm.jp/personal/filmcamera/35mm/naturaclassica/index.html) the white one even though I already have a black one.

  4. It's a great camera to tote around, really light and handy.

    I want the Natura Classica too, but I've heard it's only sold in Japan :(
    Your shots with that camera always come out great, the quality of light is lovely!