Thursday, 2 December 2010


Lovely Ai sent me another package recently, full of new goodies. The blue packet of 'cigarettes' actually contains candy - I haven't tried them yet, but I think they may be similar to 'Fads' back in Australia (once known as 'Fags'). 

Well-Made cheese crackers, in Quattro Formaggio flavour - you know what, they really are well-made. Crunchy and intensely buttery, and pretty much perfect.


  1. Mmm orions! They look yummy. I didn't know you were allowed to send food overseas.

  2. That packet of walnuts covered in stuff was sooo yummy, and the Well-Made crackers too, I haven't tried the rest yet but I'm sure they're awesome too.

    Oh, and you can send/receive food overseas, but I think you're not allowed to send food INTO Australia though. So, send me Tim Tams, please :)

  3. Leafy pies are exceptionally yummy. Hope you enjoy them as well. ;-)