Thursday, 23 December 2010

Eating Edinburgh (Part One)

A selection of junk food. Bad for the waistline, but strangely satisfying, nonetheless. 
 Ham and cheese croissant - train food.
 Nutella and banana crepe from the German Christmas Market. It was 'healthy' because it has bananas in it.
 Fried mozzarella sticks. We also had fish and chips but you all know what that looks like.
 Deepfried Mars bar. Yes, I did it! It was listed under 'Traditional Fried Foods' in the chip shop.
The 'Burgh Breakfast' crepe. Don't judge me, I was starving and it was a cold day.
Sour cream and chives pretzels - train food again, this time on the way back.


  1. Mmm mozarella sticks sound yum. Indepth review of deep fried mars bar please? It sounds gross but delicious but gross.

  2. Review: gross but delicious but gross. More delicious than gross though, the frying makes it all melty and gooey on the inside.